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Getting Ready to Survive Flu Season

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

The Scariest Season Of The Year

Flu season is right around the corner. If you are anything like me, you are already preparing for a healthy winter. You got this years flu shot as soon as it became available, you have already broken out the Vogmask, use hand sanitizer like crazy, and avoid crowded places. But what more can we do to stay "healthy" this flu season?

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  1. Stay hydrated and eat healthy- I know that it can be hard to fill your body with things that are good for you, especially if you have gastroparesis, but eating right and drinking enough water can help your body stay strong enough to fight off germs.

  2. Make sure to get enough rest- When you are fighting off germs, your body needs more rest. Make sure to get enough sleep and don't run yourself into the ground. I know the holidays are a crazy time, but practice self care and don't be afraid to say no to holiday plans.

  3. Exercise- Exercise helps boost your immune system. Even if you can only tolerate a little bit of exercise, do what you can. Any little bit helps.

  4. If possible, get the flu shot- I know that some of you may not be able to get the flu shot because of medical reasons, but if your doctors says its safe for you to get it, make sure you get it! The flu can be detrimental to a spoonie, so its important to take this precaution if possible.

  5. Wash your hands often- Washing your hands often is so important, especially during flu season. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after you touch any germy surface and avoid touching your face.

Pro Tip: make sure that you have a plan in place with your doctor in case you get sick. The earlier you start to treat the flu, the easier it will be to kick it! Know what medicines you should take and what to do if it gets really bad.


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